I have been in the Landscape and Irrigation field for over 35 years.  I began my career in landscaping residential and small commercial properties. I became a partners with a very talented and motivated landscape architect for approximately eight years.  During that time we build a company of approximately 100 employees of which we did large commerical projects, home developments, golf courses and large custom residences. 

After 10 years and the decline in the economy we decided to close the business. I ventured out into my own business where I spent twenty years landscaping high end residential homes.  I came to realize that there is a great need for educating homeowners on how to conserve water, save money and maintain their landscaping.  In 2008 I became a full time Landscaping and Irrigation Consulant working with Homeowners Associations, Landscape Architects, Commercial property owners and Property Management companies.

I have experience in the following areas:
  Construction consultant
  Consulting Architects
  Training of maintenance personal
  Plant and tree selection
  Contractor screening and selection
  New Construction Inspection
  Soil testing
  Water Management
  Maintenance Specification
  Project monoriting
  Bringing longivity to your project

Other current Projects:
           Turning Pro Productions
           Producer of two videos
               #1 - How to install your own sprinkler system
               #2 - How to instll drip and bubbler system
                Landscape Irrigation System Repair Manual

 Keith J. Hageman - Landscape consutlant